Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Every since I was a young child I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I have had previous teachers help influence me on my goals. My third grade teacher was the main influence on why I wanted to become a teacher. She always knew how to help me and how to make me feel comfortable talking to her. I want to be just like her as a teacher to let children know I'm a safe place to always come talk to. Right after high school I went off to college to pursue my degree and earn my associates in early childhood education. From getting the hands on experiences in my course work throughout my college career I knew I had to go further. I started looking into college with a masters degree program close to home. This is when I applied to SUNY Plattsburgh. I got accepted into the graduate program and that's where I am today, with one year left I will have the dream I've always wanted on being a teacher. I have strived everyday to make my dreams come true and my GPA definitely shows it.

Kendra from New York
SUNY Plattsburgh