Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Community pharmacy is something I hold dear to my heart. Having worked in various community pharmacy chains since 2007, I have gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the community pharmacy world. The relationships forged between pharmacy personnel and their patients is one that lasts a lifetime. We celebrate with them when their kids’ baseball team brings home the championship trophy and we mourn with the husband who lost his wife after an exhausting battle with cancer.
​During my time as lead pharmacy technician in retail pharmacies, I saw the focus shift from patient care to the meeting of metrics. Though I believe that monitoring positive outcomes is an integral part of growing as a company, forcing pharmacists to focus so intently on meeting these metrics, in fear of losing their jobs, leads to the needs of the patient being overlooked. In addition to my time in retail pharmacy chains, I spent several years working as the lead pharmacy technician in an independent compounding pharmacy. The shift from metric centered, to patient centered care was such a breath of fresh air. I began to feel as though I was able to make a difference in the lives of each patient I saw. ​Though my patients are a huge motivator for me, the biggest motivator I have is a beautiful blonde-haired 5 year old little boy. As a non-traditional student, I’ve had to learn to balance my responsibilities as a wife and mother with my professional obligations as a student and part-time intern. This has presented me with many challenges while also helping me grow as a person. Despite these challenges, I have been able to maintain high academic standards. The financial requirements a professional program imparts on a family are many. Receiving this scholarship would alleviate some of this burden. Thank you for your consideration!

Stephanie from Florida
South University