Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Before I started my undergraduate degree at Chico State, I had always had this perception that I would earn a degree in Business and get out in four years and into a stable job right away. I knew that I was not that fond of business but I figured it would give me more stability. I was very interested in psychology, but feared that I would not make a difference in people's lives because I lacked confidence in myself. So I took a couple of classes that were prerequisites for the upper-division business major and absolutely dreaded every second of them. So I decided to take a chance and take an intro to psychology class since I did so well in my high school psychology class and wanted to try to pursue what I felt I would thrive in. I did this and soon learned that I was eager to learn more. In addition to that deep interest, more significant events that occurred in my personal life encouraged me to want to continue my education and earn a Doctorate after my four years at Chico State.
I come from a very loving family whose relationships were like none other. I looked up to my oldest brother and strived to be just like him when I was young. He was my biggest role model. But I soon learned that my brother was an addict. He was abusing drugs and alcohol to the point where it could have ended his life if we did not get professional help. So my family and I staged an intervention and this really was an eye-opening experience for me. We had our beloved pediatrician who had known my older brother since he was a baby lead a group intervention that took hours. We all shared our letters to my brother and implored him to go get professional help. It was a tough battle, but eventually my brother gave in and decided that in order to stick with the family, he must get help and stay sober. The way that my family and I came together in order to show our love for him and wanted him to get help truly inspired me to want to help people struggling with mental health or addiction

James from California
Alliant International University