Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am a young development practitioner who has experience in humanitarian emergencies in Palestine and Syria refugee crisis over than 6 years. I worked specifically for the gender-based violence and child protection cases. We've done a lot of great work all these years. Yet, I could feel that there were still many things missing in our work. Something was not sitting properly when I looked at the bigger picture. The services we had been providing were lacking sustainability and empowerment. I wanted to see a world where women can stand on their own legs. I had such power and enthusiasm in me that I wanted to touch and hug all these women one by one, if possible, and take them to a completely different, fair world and make them happy. That was the day I decided to go to Cornell because if I could do an M.A. in economic development at one of the best universities in the world and strengthen myself, I could go back and hold the hands of these women even stronger. With my projects, I could support them with sustainable job opportunities and help them become stronger and more independent women standing on their own legs. In years, supporting refugees more effectively and with sustainable solutions became my passion and that's why I applied for global development masters program in Cornell University and I have been accepted recently. Particularly, I would like to focus on methods and projects that can increase women participation into the economies and maintain gender equality which is crucial for development.

Now, I am knocking your door for your support to make all of my dreams come true and provide improved opportunities for the women. With the power and support you give me, I want to see and show that we can empower women, pretty our world up, and support each other without meeting face to face.

Kind Regards,

Serap Merve from Georgia
Cornell University