Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Currently, I serve as an Performance and Quality Improvement for SCO Family of Services, the largest non-profit organization in New York City, SCO serves communities throughout New York City and Long Island to support family life and personal well-being, and to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed. I pursued this position with the intention to continue my work in human services, learn more about policy development and management, and further my understanding of the role policy and legislation played in my personal life. Prior to this, I worked as a direct care service provider for a myriad of programs such as individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, homeless and displaced youth in care from ages 5-20 years, and individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. I did all this to understand the front line worker perspective, and to better understand the intersectionality of systems organized to provide programs to address the needs of underserved and misrepresented communities.
As an undergraduate student I studied sociology and economics completing a myriad of courses that explained how societies, communities, and essentially our lives are operated, organized, and funded. I paid keen attention to how policy directly influenced everyday life. I understood well before college that policy and funding played a huge role in how communities survive; afterall communities are often a microcosmic representations of the national economy.
Almost two years ago I was discharged from foster care, after twenty years of being a foster child I derived a a very unique and intricate perspective on what I now know as policy. Policy operated my life, from the homes I was placed in to the services that were rendered to me. Furthermore, I now understand how I can make a difference in the communities I was one apart of, through policy advocacy and legislation. This is what led me to pursue a Masters in Public Administration, to serve through policy.

Dareth from New York
Metropolitan College of New York