Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

One of my main reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in education Is an unending desire to bridge the gap between students who have access to an adequate education hat will prepare some them to face the world, and the students who do not. The students you have equitable access to education or new more deserving than the ones who do, however the list of factors that some students face can be daunting.

I have seen resilience and determination and many young students In the form of being active in their schools and communities, taking on responsibilities for younger siblings, and even overcoming personal challenges that can be tied to disabilities. That's an educator and understand that inequitable funding plays a significant role as well in regard the resources that are provided for students. The question that can be raised is, "What is the most significant way that I can contribute to the needs of our students that will enhance their learning experience?"

My timing spent in graduate school was to find the answer to this question. My goal has been to study these structural inequities that plague the U.S. education system and to learn more about the data needed to change these problems. As a classroom teacher, I will continue to use the information that I've uncovered to inform my pedagogical practice. I hope it was to help my students understand that their education is more than just memorizing information, but rather a stance in favor of equity. Each student that I teach is truly deserving of a well-rounded education. They are deserving of opportunities that allow for them to thrive and shine, and learn in a way that is effective for them.I plan to use the funds to cover the costs of my certification exams, as I move forward in my career. Doing so will allow for me to be able to help my students in the best way possible and become the most effective educator that I can be.

Tinuke from Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania