Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

The day that I chose to leave the life I had been living for that last twenty-two years and pursue an entirely new career is a day I will remember forever. It was that day that I honestly came to understand that it was my time to go out and do what I had always wanted to do. As with many choices in life it was not an easy one, and the path since has been fraught with numerous complications. However, through grit and determination, I am achieving the life I have always yearned to live. That day was the day I choose to leave my highly successful film career and become a Physical Therapist.
Most of my life I have been involved in sports in one fashion or another. A common theme ran through every new sport or athletic event I entered. I always strived to optimize my potential and the others around me. I spent countless hours in the library reading articles and researching. The next day I would go out and implement them. As it can well be imagined, through this process numerous injuries arouse. More times than I care to count, those injuries landed me on a physician’s table. Every time I would get injured; I would go out and study two aspects. The first aspect was how to prevent this injury from happening again. The second was how also to heal the injury I currently had. Through this process, I strengthen an already incredibly strong work ethic, which has been beneficial over and over in my career.
After the years of school sports, I began working in the entertainment industry primarily as a sculptor on movie sets and Art director. These jobs were not only physically demanding but the time constraints and pressure were immense. Over time, I transitioned from being one of the working masses to being placed in charge of projects and then sets and finally for running the sculpting department for entire movies. With each step in the process, I was required to gain a new skill. These skill sets included working with various construction crafts, hitting specific time and money

Shaun from California
University of Southern California