Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My fierce passion for social justice is what drives me to pursue a graduate degree. Growing up, I remember reading about the civil rights movement and feeling unbridled anger at the unfairness and inequality that resulted from discrimination. I still feel this passion for justice whenever I read about injustices occurring in Myanmar, Venezuela, and the ones that continue in the U.S. today. I have seen the systemic problems that contribute to these inequalities through my work at a pro bono law program and with refugees at a local NGO. This passion is why I want to pursue an MPA in International Policy and Development.
It would enable to me to lay the foundation to become an international human rights attorney. I want to serve others in a conscious and sustainable way. I do not want to be a voice for the marginalized, I want to be a part of their path to finding a voice. As an American, I can never truly comprehend what it means to be a Venezuelan refugee fleeing a failed state or to be a Uighur Muslim in a Chinese reeducation camp. However, through my graduate degree, I will develop the technical skills needed to help marginalized people navigate the necessary channels to make their voices heard By being an international human rights attorney, I would contribute to the shaping of international policy. I need to ensure that any positive change that would result from my work will last beyond me and is sustainable. I want to contribute to a more egalitarian world; however, I do not want to be the central focus of that movement. By earning my graduate degree in International Policy and Development, I will learn how to shape international policy in an effective way that benefits everyone and reduces inequality.
Thus, I want to promote my passion for social justice in a sustainable manner. Earning an MPA in International Policy and Development would allow me to be an effective attorney and to serve others in a way that is both conscious and capable.

Alexandra from Texas
Spring Hill College