Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My biggest inspiration for pursuing a graduate degree in Physician Assistant studies is myself. I understand that sounds egotistical, self loathing, self centered, and whatever other words that you can think of; but, if you’ll entertain my thought process for the next few characters maybe you’ll see why. Attending elementary, middle, and high school is mandatory by the government. Attending undergrad was mandatory by my father. Attending grad school is completely voluntary.

I don’t have a heart breaking story of I’m doing it to save people or make a difference in the community; as a former Field Training Officer Paramedic for a county that runs approximately 100,000 9-1-1 calls a year, I have served my community and will continue to serve in a different health care profession. I don’t have an inspirational moment with a PA that lead me to my career path. And I don’t have to dig down deep to find a reason to attend a masters program; attending class 5 days a week and some days are 11 hours at a time doesn’t sound appealing to anybody.

What I do have is drive. I have a desire to prove to myself that I can do this because I want to; not because it’s required of me. I had a very successful career and could’ve kept going to director if I wanted. My point is I wanted to do something for me. Something challenging enough that will make me think it’s okay to drop out because I have a back up plan. I can always go back to being a paramedic, it’s a great career. I want to test myself to see if I can do this because I want to. I have an aspiration to practice medicine in an advanced specialized field and if I end up with my second, yet original, choice that’s okay too.

If I reach for the stars and fall on the moon it’s still a great place to be. So, back to my original statement. My biggest inspiration is me. I want to do this for myself not because I have some calling, burning desire, or am being mandated to do so. I want to get a masters degree because I can.

Victoria from Florida
Keiser University