Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am currently applying for my master’s in healthcare administration program for Fall 2020 admittance. In July 2020, I will graduate from the UHD with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Behavior Science. This degree is an interdisciplinary program that comprises of foundational public health courses such as epidemiology, health ethics, biostatistics and health policy, in which creates future leaders in becoming patient advocates and patient navigators. What led me to want to apply for graduate school was, my long-term involvement work in health care, that enabled me to serve my community in health education and helped me develop my skills as a leader. As a former Certified Nurse Aide, I saw many things that were not carried out accordingly for the residents at hand. In those moments it was inevitability shown to me how critical it was having organizational skills such as for example, letting someone go. It was those circumstances that drove me to examine what a healthcare administrator did during their work hours such as, making decisions, paying attention to detail, but most of all, making sure that the delivery of quality healthcare was implemented. Small roles such as clerical duties are crucial in getting the job done behind the scenes in order to carry out effective healthcare. These aspects of the healthcare system are as important as gathering all the instruments ready when prepping for a surgery. Such decisions and actions help meet patients’ needs in healthcare and it takes strategic thinking in doing so. My passion in being of service to people and working as a team, always led our patients to recover faster and feel happier during their recovery because they were in good hands. Organization within a department is imperative to help create a smooth flow that allows for more time to be spent on the care of patients. All patients should be treated with the upmost quality care through the midst of challenges within a healthcare environment.

Lucero from Texas
University of Houston - Downtown