Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I got my love of teaching kids ever since I worked at a daycare to try and put myself through university while studying for a business degree. At my first real marketing job out of college I was there for a year and a half. During that entire time I missed my children at that daycare, and decided to find a position as a teacher again. Luckily for me a school around my neighborhood had just lost their principal as well as their assistant principal and many people were leaving, and this was my one chance to become a paraprofessional and I took it. I currently work in a preschool class and am thriving in it! I love my lead teacher she inspires me everyday to become an early childhood lead teacher, which is the reason I signed up with the CPS residency program in order to earn my graduate degree so I can start impacting the lives of our younger generations.
I believe early childhood is such an important time in a child's life. This is the age where young children learn to be social with their peers, learn structure in their everyday lives, practice their cognitive skills and learn who they are while they are growing among others. All students are so unique in their own ways, which is what I love the most about my students. They all are special and have different strengths and weaknesses that they can work towards in an early childhood curriculum. I can remember every teacher I had, especially the ones who taught me from when I entered school for the first time. I want to be the teacher that all my students remember from their early childhood experience. If I can achieve that it means I've inspired them, impacted their lives, and helped them grow.

Iris from Illinois
National Louis