Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As the youngest of three, I considered everything I experienced a learning opportunity; however, at a young age I never understood the extent of what it meant for my mother and father not to have a college education. Looking back, I am thankful for the path my parents took because they have taught me the importance of knowledge, perseverance, and positivity. Due to my own thirst for knowledge and my parents encouragement, college has never been a matter of if I go, but when.
As a child, I never stopped moving or learning. I participated in a variety of activities ranging from basketball to learning five musical instruments, cheerleading to theatre, and plenty more. My interests were continually evolving leaving me with a strong feeling of uncertainty with regard to my future. Despite my indecision, I was confident of a few things; I wanted to incorporate my affinity for American Sign Language and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community with my desire to work with children, as well as having a meaningful impact on those I encounter.
Two months before classes began, I made the decision to attend Central Michigan University after I had spoken with a friend’s mother about her experience in the speech-language pathology program at CMU. This field incorporated the aforementioned aspects that I wanted my career to include and shortly after beginning classes, a desire to learn grew inside of me that I had never before experienced so strongly.
In order to become a practicing speech-language pathologist, it is required to get master’s degree. Upon learning this, I was hesitant to continue on this path knowing that the only way to accomplish this was through student loans. Despite this fact, I was and continue to be eager to fully immerse myself in speech-language pathology and it’s possibilities. Looking forward, I am ready to serve the community in a versatile, innovative way by combining my past experiences with the expertise I will obtain throughout my graduate education.

Leah from Michigan
Central Michigan University