Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

What is your favorite color? As I stood alongside a group of college students at Nemours Children’s Hospital, the room filled with mood changing buttons in every color imaginable. This is one of the first questions that is asked to a child who is admitted into the inpatient unit at Nemours. The colors are a welcome reminder of how the features of a space can leave impactful stamps on a person, patient, and team of healthcare workers looking after them. Standing there, I noticed how the spaces where we spend our time affect our wellbeing. It became clear to me that design is not just about the function a space serves, but where human experience is continuously transformed.

Through my experimental studies in life sciences, I found that productivity of environments, such as this hospital, are often linked to elemental conditions that promote growth. Positive outcomes are driven by today’s challenges, skilled healthcare providers, and a healing atmosphere centered on the foundations and principles of design. My goal of becoming a leader in healthcare design is shaped by my experiences in medical simulation training nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals in all domains of medicine. Integrating the medical field to my research interests of improving workspace efficiency, productivity, and workplace dynamics through design.

I hope to fill voids within the field by implementing process improvement methods to challenging work environments. The colors on the walls will not be the last feature to help interior architects shape the field of healthcare design. Achieving a graduate degree in interior architecture is the missing link between my passions to promote health and wellbeing, influence positive human behavior, and the overall desire to create better solutions. It is apparent that taking care of people are not only in the hands of the medical community, but in interior architects as well.

Claudia from Florida
Drexel University