Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I never anticipated pursuing a career in pharmacy. In fact, I explored just about every health care career aside from pharmacy, until my grandmother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. My knowledge of cancer growing up was that it equaled irredeemable loss and poignant emotions. Helplessness was the first emotion that flooded my mind. During endless trips to the hospital, I became involved in the discussions regarding medication treatment options for palliative care. I was so impressed when the pharmacy team found what would help my grandmother regain function and give my family and I additional time with her, something I will forever hold close to my heart. This inspired me to do my own research on antineoplastic drugs and complete a course in pharmacology. My curiosity of pharmacokinetics and passion for the geriatric population quickly led me to become a volunteer for Compassus Hospice Angel’s Program. Providing companionship to actively dying patients without families has given me a sense of purpose and made me eagerly determined to pursue a career in pharmacy. As a future oncology pharmacist, I have one goal – to assure that those with cancer will have hope and never walk alone.

By awarding me the Mometrix Scholarship, I will be able to give back to the community and complete a pharmacy oncology residency after pharmacy school as this will contribute to lightening my significant financial burden. I extend my sincerest gratitude and thank you for your time and consideration. I promise you I will continue to work hard and eventually give back to students like myself.

Nicole from Massachusetts
Northeastern University