Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My name is Andrew Crenshaw. I graduated high school in 2005 and college in 2010, with a business management degree as well with a minor in criminal justice. After graduating from Iowa State University, I accepted an assistant manager position within Walmart located in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I later took a promotion in Arlington, Texas. While working for Walmart, I always felt like I could be doing more for others rather than just restocking shelves and climbing the career ladder. During each month, all managers had to mentor associates. During these mentoring opportunities with other associates, I found exactly what inspired me to major in business management and that was to help others.
I want to finish my graduate degree in the education field. I am inspired to finish & pursue my graduate degree because I want to continue to help, teach, and lead young people. I enjoy teaching young people and more so explaining to them mistakes I have made in order that they may not make the same mistakes in life. I believe it is very important to share life experiences to the next generation in order to truly mentor others. Currently, I have applied to go back to Greenville University and finish my Masters of Arts in Education with the concentration in Leadership and Coaching. I believe acquiring this degree will allow me to improve my leadership skills in order to continue to help others.
Recently, I have also accepted a job at Trinity Presbyterian located in Montgomery, Alabama. I am very excited to start my new job as well as go back and finish school. Since leaving Walmart, I have taught in Georgia and coached college football in Florida and Alabama. I am married and have a 5 year old daughter, that will go to first grade this coming fall. My wife, Ashley, just finished nursing school at Troy University. We both have decided that she can now work full-time and I work part time at Trinity and go to school full-time in order for both of us to succeed. Thank you for consideration.

Andrew from Alabama
Greenville University