Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

What inspired me to pursue business was learning about how I can grow into a person who has everything under control and that can handle the whole industry together. learning about business makes people smarter and cool how they do their job. It's a job that take people on a higher chair.y Educational goals are to study business management and hope to start my own film industry and work with others. The skills I have for my field is coming up with new ideas and brainstorming what I can come up with to accomplish my goals. Another skill I have is leading others, leading people to where they should be and satisfy them, I love helping out others and giving them my ideas so they can do better next time, because my goal as a leader is to make sure everyone is one a good note and they have meet their goals and can do anything. For business I would want to make sure my employees and everyone I work with are getting paid and feel safe. I would want to make sure that my company is financially stable and keeping a watch out for what comes and goes. As a business I want to meet other companies and share ideas, make collaborations and see where I can take my company further. I plan to expand the business so we can hire more people or who need a job or a career in the film industry. Paying attention to customers and giving them what they need is a big pride to give them and it will help the company by having a good rating. Even if the company still has enough money, I still want to save up and make sure nothing is behind. How I got into the business was my father teaching me how it works and gave me examples of the outcomes and how I can help change the community and give back. I choose this career because it is so interesting how far I can achieve and make something out of myself. I choose this career because I want to own my own building, I want to work with other people around the world and learn new things.

Henry from Delaware
Woodbridge High School