Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My personal test preparation practices are at night. I review all the material that will be on the test from the beginning and see if i can remember or do it without looking over or reviewing. After I go over everything I go back to what I didn't know to well and focus on that. I go from what i know the least and really focus on it if that is what I'm struggling with. I also make flash cards for myself and study those night before and day of. The reason I do it at night is i find myself remembering the information more in the morning when i wake up. I learned this helped a lot when remembering lines for plays. I also have anyone around me quiz me on the subjects of the test and sometimes even past material as well. I find that this also really works because not only you, but the people around you are also retaining the information and it is helping them as well.

Cristina from Arizona
High School Senior
peoria high school