Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my time in secondary and postsecondary education, I have possessed some variations of anxiety around exams, even with my studying methods. However, as I began my time in university, I found a valuable preparation technique that has reduced my anxiety when taking assessments and has supplied me with increased fascination in the subject matter. Instead of utilizing my technology to write my notes, I devote my efforts into notebooks and pencils for recording my notes, regardless if the course allows technology. I find that writing my notes over typing them facilitates improved memorization of the topics discussed in the course. After writing my notes in my notebooks, I study them the night before the course begins the next day for relating the content learned in the previous lesson into the one presented that day. This ensues until reviews or other methods of preparation arrive from the instructor. I then study everything from the entire unit until the day of the examination. When taking these exams, however, I incorporate a strategy where I go through the incorrect answers quickly, select the correct answer slowly, review my answers backwards, and then place the answers on my answer sheet.

Anabelle from Texas
College Junior
Tarleton State University