Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The transition between middle school to high school was hard as there is new expectation that I could not grasp. That is studying. I really did not study during my middle school years but having seven different classes every day in high school there is a possibility that I would forget the information and in order to avoid that I will have to study. I really did not know where to start because I thought I could get away on not needing to study because I still get A’s in my classes without needing to.
The struggle was unprecedented as I searched up different ways to study and trying them out seeing if it brings any results. I heavily relied on my memory as it kept my grades on and overall, I did have a knack on remembering details that people tend to forget. However, being bombarded with new information everyday from different classes, memory alone was not going to cut it. Therefore, with the different searches and trials on trying the various methods of studying I finally have come to find what best fits for me. Preparing for a test is always nerve wracking for me because I always end up second guessing myself and overthink about the question, but the methods of studying has alleviated the feeling that I used to get on testing day.
The methods for test preparation that worked for me is the use of Quizlet, color code my notes through the use of highlighters and different color pens, look up test practices on the subjects that I am going to be tested on, and ask teachers for more practice materials. There’s always sources out there that will help on studying and it is all up to the individual to take the initiative. Just like how I did, I searched up ways how to study and take ideas from others and tested them.
Test preparation always start when there is something new to learn in class and must take notes and complete the practices that are assigned to you. I always color code my notes on matter of importance and organization and highlight important words to either l

Yessica from Texas
High School Senior
Kipp Houston High school