Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Procrastination? No. Way. I am the kind of person that studies for a whole week leading to the test. My preparation practices mostly include reading the textbook, taking thorough notes, and using a highlighter until it dies. For all subjects and all lessons I must assure myself that I understand the material to the fullest extent. Before class, I consult my textbook and read the unit prior to teaching. While reading, I take notes over any points I feel are 'noteworthy'. Then, during class, I again take and add to my notes. Repetition of information is key to my absorption of it. Additionally, writing; as is scientifically proven; creates greater likelihood of me retaining the incoming knowledge. More often than not, I create mnemonics or catchy phrases to help me remember the material. Another crucial element to understanding material is not being afraid to ask questions. If, on assignments, I miss or don’t understand something, I do not hesitate to ask the teacher for clarification and guidance. There really is such a thing as constructive criticism. About three days out when the test rolls around, I review all of my notes and highlight the main ideas. Then, I spread out and organize all of my notes into categories and subcategories. Following this, I consolidate the categories into shorthand onto what I call “one-pagers”. These pages are visual summaries of the information I have taken in from class and other sources. I make use of words, images, and my catchphrases and mnemonics. A day or two before the test, I begin to look over them. The writing and the review are both techniques that reaffirm my knowledge.
Overall, these techniques and strategies aid in my retention of knowledge and performance on the test.

Catie from Texas
High School Senior
Timber Creek High School