Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for an exam I need to break it down into smaller parts. This helps keep me organized, focused, and engaged in the process.
The first step is defining what it is I need to know. This may be taking a pre-test, or organizing my notes. Once organized, I then identify what else it is I need to be successful. It may be extra help from my teacher, reviewing online programs, reaching out to tutors, or creating study groups. From there the real work begins. I review the materials, create study guides or flashcards and spend time talking with others taking the test or have taken the test for best practices, tips, and tricks. I then consider what it is I still need to learn, assess my progress along the way, and evaluate what else needs to happen prior to taking the exam. I keep breaking down these steps until I feel confident that I've defined what I need, organized all of my materials, created a learning community, reviewed all resources, and studied to the best I feel I can. Then, I will retake any exam questions that I took at the beginning and revisit any material I still struggle with. This process takes away a lot of anxiety and helps keep me focused on the task at hand. If I feel prepared, I feel like I'm more likely to be successful. Exams are stressful but following this process has helped me be successful.

Abigail from New York
High School Senior
Saratoga Springs High School