Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

So far, my test preparation practice have yet to fail me on my college journey. A week or two before a test, I start to create flash cards on everything I have on the given subject. I also print off diagrams of the subjects in black and white and color them in and tape these to flashcards so I can memorize the diagrams. Typically, I only have to go through the flashcards a few times because while making them I can retain quite a bit of information. I was out of high school for five years before I decided to go back to school and didn't really know what kind of study practices would work for me. I also did tons of research on test taking and I can determine by the other answers which ones are typically incorrect. Getting a good nights sleep before an exam and eating a good meal of fat and protein are also important to have the brain power for an exam. These are the practices I use to take an exam, and I have yet to earn a grade below 89% on an exam.

Savanna from Iowa
College Freshman
Marshalltown Community College