Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Dear test failure,
Oh, how I loathed you.
The way my fear of you always crept into my mind, no matter how prepared I felt to take on your precarious self. How you easily wiped memorized material from my conscious haunts my dreams to this day. Every study guide, flashcard, and practice test led to the same thing, and the panic of your presence consumed me. A distraction in the testing room was all it took to turn your muffled hum in an overwhelming frustration, breathing on the back of my neck like an unwanted guest. I would feel completely in control and as soon as my jittery table mate began to anxiously click his pen, there you were. The dread of your existence stopped my progress in its tracks. Test failure, you have manipulated my mind for far too long. However, I finally found a way to escape your sneaky grasp. I learned that the environment in which I studied the test material was the key to avoiding you. Instead of studying for a long time in a singular place, I started studying multiple times in many places with various distractions. Whether that be at the noisy Starbucks during peak traffic times or the chaotic Memorial Union dining hall, I attempted to remain focused in any environment. Instead of taking practice tests in my quiet dorm at my 2x6 foot desk, I took them in the middle of the rowdy tutoring center, with students shouting questions and collaborating on homework. Soon after implementing this study tactic, the allergy ridden, coughing classmate in the back felt like complete silence in comparison. Don't get me wrong, on the rare occasion you still suck me in to your nervous vortex and wipe me of my memories. However, through embracing you in my everyday environment, I have learned to control you instead of allowing you to control me.
Good riddance, test failure. I hope we never have the pleasure of meeting again.

Hannah from Arizona
College Junior
Arizona State University