Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Education is a privilege I'm grateful to have, and tests, and subsequently test preparation, are a quintessential part of it. There exists a plethora of methods to prepare for tests, such as flashcards and study guides; however, the most important, yet often looked over, test preparation practice would be a study plan. This begins with taking notes over course material, attending every class, and working through supplemental practice. This allows me to integrate more content into my long term memory, which is especially useful in courses which are comprehensive or cumulative, and it also allows me to learn the material gradually in the weeks before the exam.

I then plan out the week before the exam by dividing the content I'll be tested over into chunks and making a study schedule for the first five or six days of the week and using the final days as a review period for content I’m not confident in knowing. This allows me to review all of the content that will be covered and ensure that I am able to recall all of it.

During my study sessions, I work through any supplemental reviews that my professor has provided and use those to make study guides and flashcards. Study guides help me focus on conceptual learning and understanding major ideas. Flashcards help me memorize the basic key terms, such as organs and their functions, that aid in the understanding of concepts, such as bodily processes. Moreover, in all my study sessions, I incorporate breaks, and I make sure to rest and eat prior to my exam. Test preparation can come in the form of self care to ensure the optimal mindset for high performance.

Test preparation stems from both memorization and understanding, and to acquire both of those, I prepare for my tests with time, effort, and consistency. This includes taking the time to go to class daily, putting forth the effort to study, and consistently working hard to ensure success.

Christabel from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas A&M University