Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The ACT and any other test such as exams are stressful but preparing for tests can help relieve some anxiety and/or stress. Some practices I like to do to prepare for any test is study in increments, apply what I learn in class to the real world (if applicable) and meditate once a day. When I go over the notes I took in class the same day or the notes from the last class I remember the material better. So when it comes to the day before the test I am not cramming and I don't feel as anxious and stress because I have been going over the material for at least a week ahead of the test. Applying class material to the real world is extremely helpful. Whenever I can connect a topic in class to something I see or do outside of class it helps me to remember the material a lot better. This way whenever I review my notes I automatically connect that topic to whatever it is I have seen or done. For example, In my sociology 101 class one of the papers I had to write had to do with applying five terms we learned in class to our everyday lives. With connecting the terms to actions others do made it easy for me to remember the terms and the meaning of them. My final and favorite test preparation practice is meditation. During my freshman year of college I took a Koru Mindfulness class which is a class where students learn different methods of meditation. The type of meditation I like to practice the most is belly breathing. This meditation can be done sitting down or laying down. With this meditation I focus on not moving my chest but my stomach as I breath in and out. The point of meditation is to clear the mind and relax the muscles. Meditating everyday leading up to a test(s) and meditating every day is very helpful to keep me calm and refreshed when I continue to study. With these practices I allot myself time to focus on other subjects. Therefore, studying in increments, connecting a lesson to everyday life, and spending a little time relaxing are my practices to do.

Kayla from Alabama
College Sophomore
University of Kentucky