Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My professor once said to me "reading is the art of cheating, If you do not read, you have not only cheated the game, but most importantly you have cheated yourself." I took this statement to heart and applied it to all my academic endeavors. In the preparation of a test, I will read the chapter once before bedtime and once in the early morning. That way, I will internalize the information I have learned and apply the details to questions on the test. I try to focus my reading on specifics in the chapter and subject, so I can work my way to the general idea, therefore I can truly learn the components of the test. By reading before bedtime, I am able to retain much of the information and review in the morning before the test. I try my best to avoid any technological devices during the studying period and stray away from study guides. This method of studying maybe odd for many people, but this has definitely improved my scores and helped me effectively learn in the classroom. These methods have worked for me because I am able to study for the test without limiting my knowledge to the test. Although this method may seem like a simple and ineffective task, it has surely helped me achieve great success in the academic setting. Beyond the classroom, I have also applied these methods to my internships and career.

Angela from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School