Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever it is time for me to take a test I always take time and study really hard for it. One main thing I do is that I create flash cards of the main points that are going to be on the test. This technique is really great, because it help out my memorization skill and also it helps me learn as well. When I miss a flashcard I put it in a need to learn more pile, and once I learn the flashcard I put it in a different pile. The pile with the ones I learned I still do not forget about them I still use them when I study as well.
Another great study skill is to create stories with topics as well. I love to read books and the main part about them that I remember the most is the plot, so I use story like qualities and turn them into study material. For instance if you have to memorize vocabulary words then you can just use them in a story and that may help you learn the words faster. This technique may not be the most common trick out there, but it helps me out a lot.
Finally the last study skill I use is group study sessions. Group study sessions are the best. You can meet new people and also learn about what is going in class and learn new stuff with other people, or teach what you know to help people in your study group as well.

Davin from Arizona
College Sophomore
university of Arizona