Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Getting prepared for a test is not a menial task. Many people, including myself, shudder at the mention of a test. Tests can be intimidating when you know the material and even more intimidating when you are unsure of the subject. This is why my methods of preparing for a test with repetition, mnemonic devices, and using flash cards fits my visual and kinesthetic learning styles.
When I prepare for a math test, I like to practice a variety of math questions. Repetition helps me in getting the process down by doing the problems. Repetition is simply repeating something over and over again until it "sticks."
Mnemonic devices are helpful to remember processes or formulas, especially in math problems. One of the mneumonic devices that helped in math is called PEMDAS, otherwise known as, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. PEDMAS helps me to remember the order of operations. If you don't know the order of operations, the answer will be completely wrong. I have also found songs online that helped me to memorize formulas for certain types of math problems, such as the quadratic formula.
Flash cards are helpful in studying because they are visual and provide repetition. I can make the flash cards in different colors, designs, and pictures. Studying with flash cards gives me something to remember with the variation of designs.
From my experience, repetition, mnemonic devices, and flash cards have helped me to succeed in obtaining great grades. In addition to the great grades, I retain more information of what I have learned when I use these great test preparation practices.

Tricia from Nebraska
College Freshman
Liberty University Online