Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have several test preparation practices; most of them I have accumulated over the years by filtering out the ones that work best for me with using trial and error. The first thing I do for test preparation starts about a week before the actual test. I like to start by looking through the study guide if there is one and seeing what I know. I always print off the study guide so I can highlight things I need to work on. Then I look in the textbook and my notes for information about the areas I highlighted. Next, I try to figure out examples or analogies and fun ways to remember those concepts. Over the next couple of days, I’ll work on vocabulary (using Quizlet) along with challenging concepts. I also like to watch YouTube videos about the subject or concept because I am a pretty visual learner. Finally, a couple of days before the test, I will review the study guide, and try to answer all questions without using another source. If I still can’t answer some questions without help, then I’ll focus more on those areas the next day or so and try and learn them the best that I can. Finally, the day before the test, I’ll review the study guide again, physically writing the answers and drawing models if necessary and go over my vocabulary on Quizlet one last time. I’ll then try and get at least eight hours of sleep the night before, but in college that isn’t always possible and so I will just try and get six or seven hours minimum. Then the morning of the test, I’ll wake up a couple of hours before, grab a good breakfast and a coffee and relax a bit before I have to go to class. Lastly, I will show up early to the classroom and review anything I was struggling with at the end of my studying just to make sure I don’t forget any important details. Generally this routine gets me the best results when it comes to test taking and studying for a test but if it is a subject I am really struggling with I will ask my professor or a classmate for help while studying.

Katelynn from Oregon
College Sophomore
Northwest Christian Universiy or University of Oregon