Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The first place great test preparation begins with the notes you take during the class. It is important that you take good notes to ensure that you can understand the writing. Often times I am in a hurry and have to re write my notes for a better result. That in itself is already reciprocating the material once, which is where your initial studying begins. After each week of classes, I look over the notes I took and take the key points out and began writing those down. This touches on everything so you don't quickly forget the material that you have just learned. One of my main practices is to check the syllabus to see what topics are going to be on your upcoming test and even check to see if their is a study guide available to you. This ensures that I will be ready for the exam weeks prior. By starting the study guide early, you can touch on the subjects you are not as confident in and make sure you understand the content by the time the exam comes. Lastly, I set a date and time each week where I study the content I've learned each week. This holds me accountable for learning the new material learned each week. These rest preparation practices for me because in doing all of these things prior to an exam, I do not have to worry about cramming for a test because I have been studying each week. I hold myself accountable and that is what makes these practices more efficient. These preparations is what has helped me the most throughout college and helps me to not stress over exams.

Abriana from New Mexico
College Junior
The University of New Mexico