Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before every test my teacher gives out a test review with different examples of what will be on the test. In the event that we have extra class time I will attempt to work the problems in class on white board, so that when I go to look back at the review the answers are not there for me to see. In the event we don't have time in class to do the review I always ask my teacher for the answers for the review and when I go home I isolate myself in a quite room with the test review and a timer. I do the test review as If I was taking the real test in class. This helps me because when I am done taking the test I can refer back to the answers my teacher gave me to see which topics I already know. For the ones I attempted but somehow did not know the answer I go back through my notes and in pen I write out the correct way I should have tackled the problem. Now as for the ones (hopefully this doesn't) I had no idea on how to do, I normally will call a peer to see if they understand what to do, and if that doesn't work then the morning before the test or the day after I have done my pre-test, whichever comes first, I will ask my teacher to instruct me on how to do the problem. For a test regarding vocabulary, I have found flashcards are my best way of studying because of my "okay" photogenic memory. When I repeatedly see things they tend to come to my thoughts when I am sleeping and in the shower. Lastly, another test prep practice that works for me is study groups. I love being with my friends and when everyone has the same goal, passing, we make sure to push each other in every which direction. Covering all material, and even material that we think may pop up unexpectedly as a question or extra credit. This works for me because being around my friends they serve as a constant motivation, sometimes being alone I can get tired and want to stop what I am doing and just sit on my phone for hours on.

Lisa from Texas
High School Senior
Rowlett High School