Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In high school, tests have been at the forefront of each class as well as the anxiety and fears that go along with them. However, I have been able to establish a test preparation routine that works for me and has allowed me to be successful on course exams as well as on standardized tests. My first tip is to always start studying well ahead of time. Create a calendar with all test dates for the semester so you know exactly how much time you have to study and are able to create an effective study plan. When creating this plan, I like to schedule frequent study blocks with many breaks in between that focus on specific topics. As I have a low attention span, the breaks help me stay engaged and breaking study periods up by topics allow me to not get too overwhelmed with the material. I also look at what content I am weakest in and incorporate those concepts into more frequent study periods.Developing note cards that summarize each study block as well as my weaker topics are also helpful to study on the go or as a refresher for certain topics. Next, I familiarize myself with the exam format to not spend time doing that during the test. Standardized tests release exams that can show you exactly what the test looks like and how much time you have for each section. For class exams, I pay extra attention to how the exam conditions are going to be and may speak with students who have previously taken the class or professor to get a feel for the exams. After getting this information, I simulate the testing environment to alleviate my testing anxiety and pace myself to see what improvements I need to make before test day. Ensuring I have enough time to check over my work, am familiar with the content, recognize my fears about the test and diminish them, and ask any questions I may have well in advance of test day are also vital.
Lastly, getting enough sleep the night before and eating before the test is crucial to ensure I’m energized, focused, and prepared to crush the exam.

Genesis from Georgia
High School Senior
Morrow High School