Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test Preparation is a key to a great experiences in school. There are several ways to prepare for a test and every ones does it different. I personally have found great success in group preparation for a test But my Favorite is to turn it in to a song/ rhyme Turn math problems in to rhyme can really help you or who your teaching learn and remember subjects better .Rhyme such as 2x2 is 4 always shut the door. 6x6 is 36 please pick up sticks . I feel that if you can relate to the problems on the test you can remember the answer Far past the test day. I also know that lots of people freeze when they have the word Test , I like to think of it as a assessment and I have found children do a lot better when they do a lot better if it is referred as such .
In my assessment as a reading coach and phonics teacher. Over half of the children i work with get nervous and they struggle to test, if we approach it with different wording makes a huge difference in how we approach a test .

Connie from Utah
College Freshman