Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a high school senior who has taken her fair share of college entrance exams and Advanced Placement classes, I have developed a system of studying which works best for me and tends to be reflected in my final grades or scores. However, I would consider a key factor in this success to be organization tools which allowed me to stay organized for both classes and when studying for certain tests. I tend to have one binder per subject with several dividers to separate the different units. Also, I use a monthly planner, daily planner, and even sometimes an hourly planner to make sure I get everything which needs to be done in a day, done. By knowing exactly where everything was located and the amount of time I should distribute to each area, I was able to maximize my productivity which created a positive outlook for my end result. Many online resources offered organization tools which made this possible for myself and also easily accessible to others. Now, in terms of materials I used to study, I typically stuck to a repetitive program which allowed me to enforce the knowledge in both qualitative and real-life applicable situations. After taking notes in class, I would typically rewrite them once I got home, adding small side notes after searching my topic online to further my understanding. From here, I typically either create flashcards or a quizlet set to continue to review the many different topics I have to cover. Finally, I like to take practice tests or answer practice questions to confirm the knowledge I have recently learned and ensure I am prepared for my upcoming exam. I believe that this method works well for me as it allows me to ensure I am understanding each minuscule detail of the material required for my exam and therefore excel in all areas.

Dorothy from Georgia
High School Senior
Perry High School