Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student with a learning disability, it is particularly important to find a way to study that accommodates my needs. I keep a more than median grade point average in school. Where my challenge fall is when I must take a standardized test. Unfortunately for students like me who do not lack intelligence but just require a different way of learning, without special accommodations acing a standardized test can be exceedingly difficult. Mometrix Test Preparation material offers a wealth of study material for the average student, but for those who require a unique way of learning, it can be questionable. For a student who is dyslexic, the regular study guide will not suffice but the online course and video practice helps me the best. I am an audible learner. I can remember information by hearing it. It takes a lot of practice and concentration for me to adopt information. The process does not just stop at internalizing information because I must take that information and use it to enhance the cognitive skills that I use when reading. Since my reading is weak, I must use my strong cognitive skills to compensate for my weakness. For a kid like me, there is no cramming for a test. I must use an entire arsenal of methods to study. A combination of your material and a good tutor always helps. Unfortunately, standardized tests will never truly be able to access an intelligent guy like me. In my future endeavors as I move into my collegiate career. I hope that companies such as Mometrix and others learn how to support students such as myself who are highly intelligent just learn differently.

Tyler from Georgia
High School Senior
Heritage High school