Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

“Do you want to keep her?” Was one of the first quotes ever said about me before I even stepped foot on this earth. (My mom was told this by the doctors before I was born.) In my life people have always had a negative connotation about me. They would talk behind my back and always have something to say about my appearance. (Whether it be about my eczema or weight.) Through all of the hurtful comments I have not lost confidence in myself and I have always pushed past what others have to say. I have a fantastic support from my parents, family and friends they have made me the women I am today. Without them I know that I would be in a dark place, so I made the decision to be a teacher so that I can be someone else’s support system. Also it will allow me to help teach children about the world around them and provide them with a loving environment.

One of the biggest reasons why I knew that being a kindergarten teacher was my future career is because I went on an internship during my junior and senior year of high school. During those years I was in a kindergarten classroom and in a daycare. I personally enjoyed my experience in the kindergarten classroom more, because I got to work with students that are in my desired age range.While at the internship I learned that being a teacher is not just about games and activities and that kindergarten is not just the alphabet, colors, and counting to ten. I learned that it takes tons of hardwork, patience, and dedication in order to manage 25-30 five-year-olds. One of the most inspiring events that happened in that classroom was seeing a student who was below the kindergarten reading level when I first arrived in February; be able to read above level when I left in May. Getting to have the satisfaction of knowing that I helped a child succeed may seem small to others, but it was magical to me.

Alexandria from Virginia
High School Senior
Massaponax High School