Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I really don't remember the moment I wanted to become a teacher. I am a 41 year old mother of seven and I have been struggling with what to do now that I have more adult children than non-adult children. I'm a true educator by nature. I know that the future generation needs a teacher like me. I believe that no matter what changes this world goes through, children will need educators that truly care about them. I love children.

Whitney Houston said it best, when you believe, the children are the future. I believe that the lessons in life play out in the classroom daily. The classroom is where children find out who they are and who they want to be. They learn some of the hardest lessons in life there as well. I want to be a guide for them.

Everyone has that one teacher they remember or admire. I want to be that teacher for my students. I want to be the one they think of as they make decisions after leaving my classroom. I want to make my topics of education sticky. I want the lessons learned to stick with them through their own lifelong learning. I want what I teach to go beyond the books. I need my students to understand that relationships and networking to build and not break will help them in the long run. My students will help and not hinder, create and not destroy and will reach their destiny. My passion to learn will be my passion in teaching.

Seeing the "light bulbs" of their thinking come on when they understand, is worth all the work in planning and teaching. I see myself as the electrician keeping the lights on in my classroom.

With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to strat on the path of my passion to teach.

Dacia from Ohio
College Freshman
Cleveland State University