Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

My name is Bella Maltony. I am choosing Wheeling Jesuit University as my college choice as I pursue a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Ed. I am choosing this field as my career due to my love of working with children who have special needs. I have worked for 2 summers at CAMP AIM, a day camp for children with disabilities ranging from behavioral diagnosis to disabilities such as Autism and Defiance Disorder. This camp has enabled me to work with children often forgotten or avoided by society. These children are unique and open your heart to a new kind of world. I feel a compassion and commitment to children with Special Needs. I often tell my fellow camp counselors that I would volunteer with these kids as I love the feeling, they give me each day. The rewarding feeling of working with these children is like no other and the reason I am pursuing a teaching degree in Special Education.
Camp Aim as well as my Independent Study Class in high school allows me to work with genuine students like me who seek to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. My Independent Study allows me to mentor peers who have Diagnosis of Autism and Downs Syndrome. These kids are the high light of my day. They are genuine and sincere and see no boundaries. They represent the goodness and purity of society. I mentor these kids as they provide morning café services to teachers and staff. They make breakfast, serve specialty coffees and drinks. These fellow students strive to provide the best service they can. They impress me with a work ethic so serious that it shows me daily the goodness they represent.
These life experiences have influenced my decision to pursue a life of service to part of society often shunned and forgotten. I will show these individuals they matter and are important in life, no matter what your ability. Each child is teachable and will reward me with a Profession of changing lives of all children but especially children with Special Needs. I pursue compassion and commitment to others as a Special Education teacher.

Isabella from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
West Allegheny High School