Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I have always known that I have wanted to become a teacher. With each new classroom I was in I would always invision what I would do with that space and how I would teach the lessons of that class. It was not until the beginning of my senior year of high school, however, that I was positive that I wanted to go into teaching music.
All throughout my life I have been invested in music. I have been in band as well as choir and the musicals put on by my high school. When my senior year arrived, I realized that teaching music is where I am called to be. This revelation was sparked by having an amazingly smart and influential choir director in high school. He was very well-taught in music and always knew exactly what he was talking about and what we students needed to hear. He not only taught us how to sing music, but how to understand it and learn so we could use our new knowledge to create more music. Most importantly, he also taught us how to grow as people. These teachings are what inspired me to explore the field of music education.
As a music educator, I would help guide students learn the joy and advantages that come with music, as well as grow as individuals, which I believe are closely related. There are a number of scientific benefits that come with music, such as cognitive developments in the brain that include strengthened memory, improved motor skills and coordination, and increased sociological and communication skills. In music, students are given the opportunity to make new friends within their activities, and are given an outlet in which their emotions can be healthy explored. As I progress in my academic career and continue to learn more about music and education itself, I am constantly reminded of all of these benefits and why I should go into this career. It has become my dream to help others experience this wonder for themselves and to show them how much more positive their lives can be through the involvement of music education.

Garret from Nebraska
College Sophomore
Concordia University, Nebraska