Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

Mometrix Teaching Scholarship
By: Lauren Porter

Passion. I have had my mind set on becoming a teacher since I was six years old and that dream of mine has only grown stronger. I come from a family of teachers including my mom, they have shown me that there is no greater joy than making a difference in a young child's life. My mom has been the biggest influence in my decision to pursue a teaching career, I have followed in her footsteps in attending Illinois State University to pursue this career as well. Seeing how passionate she is about her career and the bond she creates with students empowers me to do the same one day. I have a passion for helping children and I want to be a catalyst to their success. I am motivated to help teach children to create and reach their goals. The benefits of working with children are endless. Watching them grow and knowing you have made a difference in their life is the greatest reward. My passion for working with children has been strengthened through volunteering at my church, coaching volleyball at the YMCA, teaching preschoolers through education courses as well as different jobs I have had such as teaching at La Petite Academy. So, what exactly inspired me? I have had great influences such as my mom, as well as some amazing teachers, and don't let me forget the children that I have grown to care for like family, but I think teaching has always been a part of me. The desire to teach as well as learn has been a passion of mine since before I can remember. I have so much appreciation for this career and the men and women who have taught me along the way. I cannot wait to be in front of my own class and start this new journey. I am excited to give my students everything I have, and I am even more excited to see all that they will accomplish and how much they will grow.

Lauren from Illinois
College Junior
Illinois State University