Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a teacher ever since I was about 3 years old when people started asking the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was always, “I want to be a teacher.” My answer never changed, and I’m finally to the point where I will be able to start pursuing my dream this fall. Growing up, I thought overhead projectors were the sweetest thing. My teachers used them all the time, and I wanted to be just like them. When I was in 5th grade, my parents bought me one for Christmas. I was over-the-moon about it, and I would always play school with my friends. I still have it to this day, and that will be a memory I will cherish forever. I have always had a passion for helping people in any way I can. I’ve seen the way students look up to teachers. I’ve seen the impact that teachers can make on a student’s life. Sometimes they are the only reason a student comes to school. At times, they are the only hope someone has. I want to be that person. I want people to know that they can always come to me for anything. I want to be the person that has a positive and influential impact on many people’s lives. I’ve also always thought that kids are so much fun. You never know what to expect. With kids around, your daily life is always keeping you on your toes. Every day is different, but every day brings new excitement. My daily job will go by so fast, and I know I’ll be looking at the clock most days thinking, “Wow. Is it already 3:00?!” I know I will never be bored, and I know becoming a teacher is something I will never regret. With all of this being said, above all, I’m in this for kids. I want to be able to push them to be their best selves, and I want to be one of the people that helped shaped that child into who they’re meant to be. I’ve always had a big heart, and I want that to be known. Teaching is the perfect outlet for me to shine as my brightest self, and I can’t wait to dive into this perfect career path for me.

Brooke from Montana
High School Senior
Fergus High School