Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

Growing up, I never stayed in the same school for long. In fact, the fact that I was always moving right when I was starting to get settled into a new school always left me with no friends. However, despite the constant adversity I faced in the social aspect, I always found myself eager for attention. It wasn’t the fact that I enjoyed fame and glory, but I enjoyed having friends I can count on and talk to.

I would continue to work hard to gain recognition, because once you gained recognition, you didn’t have to worry about being alone. I became a fantastic trumpet player, after studying for about three years, and I felt content with my situation. However, everything changed when I got into high school.

I decided that I no longer needed to reach any goals, because I finally achieved what I was looking for: friends. However, gradually, I found myself back in a place that I have been dreading for a long time: with and only with myself. My lack of effort began to show in my performance, and since people only acknowledged me because of my skill, they stopped acknowledging me at all. I had once again lost all my friends.

Once again, my family moved and I found myself alone. People acknowledged my skill, and for a while it did feel good to be recognized, but I soon realized that these people didn’t acknowledge character, which became super important to me. The only person that was my true friend and teacher was a man named Mr. Ormsbee. This man acknowledged not only my skill but my character. Whenever I failed this mentor, I felt terrible about it, because I look up to him as an older brother I never had. It was thanks to this man that I was able to reach All-State Orchestra in high school.

Mr. Ormsbee is the reason I would change my major to Music Education, because I want to be able to acknowledge students for their skill and character. As a student who wasn’t passionate about his potential to helping others, I realize that it’s so important have good role models.

Victor from Arizona
College Junior
Grand Canyon University