Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I am currently training to be an Agriculture Food and Natural Resources educator, formal route, at the secondary level. I am also getting my minor in biology which will allow me to teach Agri-Biology and regular Biology. This will make me more marketable and hopefully give me more job security. The agriculture program in my high school was just getting started my senior year. The class focused on subjects like Horticulture, Animal Science, greenhouse production, and farm management. We even managed to set up a greenhouse with a grant we were awarded. On top of that the FFA program was also brand new to my school and I got elected to be an officer on the board. In the end I took the class as a seemingly easy filler class and I am so happy I did. I was never the strongest, or the smartest or really anything special in school; but in that class I flourished. It opened my eyes to things I didn't know existed and the opportunities that came with them. I left that class with the first A+ I had ever earned in high school. I felt great about myself and about my future; it gave me the confidence to apply for college and to commit to getting a degree.
Now I want to pay it forward, I want to help students feel good about themselves and not just stay in school but go to college. I want to be someone they can look up to for support and guidance. I want to give them the opportunity to change their lives for the better and to grow into a well-rounded adult. So they can make a positive impact on this world if given a chance. I've seen the good it can do not just for me personally but for other students and the community that surround them. I visited one school where the students run food drives to help the local food bank through the holiday season. They also sponsored school dances when the school did not have the funds to do so themselves. That is my dream to have a successful program that can be self-sufficient and not just help the members but everyone they touch.

Sara from Michigan
College Junior
Michigan State University