Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I can trace my desire to pursue a teaching degree from two categories; the example of my father and my previous educators.
I am confident that no other teacher in my life has played a more critical and influential role in my life, than my dad. He has been teaching physical education for more than twenty years at the local high school and since I was a kid, myriads of people have cited him as positive influence in their lives. We couldn't go anywhere without students stopping him to joke or just ask for advice, and when I began to recognize the impact my father had on his students, I immediately knew I wanted to the a similar positive effect on those around me. When I was preparing to enter high school, my dad was out jogging and suffered a massive cardiac arrest, which left him completely brain dead for forty-five minutes. My dad was dead for the entire duration, yet miraculously after receiving intensive medical care, his heart began to beat again and his brain received sufficient oxygen for his body to begin operating. The recovery process required tremendous patience and time, yet throughout the whole ordeal I saw the love of my dad's students manifest saliently. When I saw how much his students cared for him and my family, I knew the role of a teacher is priceless and critical responsibility that I wanted to replicate.
Since my freshman year of high school all of my teachers left a significant impression of my personal perspective of the world. As a malleable adolescent who was struggling to determine my identity, I now comprehend the impact all my teachers pressed upon my ideology. The way I saw the world was shaped by the orientation of my teachers. From religion to language, my instructors have framed my perspective of the world. The teaching community is a butterfly effect and I aspire to perpetuate the influence of educators to the lives of my future students.
I am inspired to engage in the world of academia because of the positive influences in my life.

Camden from California
College Sophomore
Utah Valley University