Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I developed an interest in teaching during high school, but it was before attending college I found I wanted to be an educator. I remember as a child my curiosity drove me to take apart my toys to see how they functioned. As I grew older, I realized that my inquisitiveness of knowing how things functioned translated into a deep desire for learning. My passion for pedagogy inspired me to become an avid reader in American History with a narrow focus on educational inequalities in the United States. My focus stems from being a first-generation non-traditional college student who experienced challenges in completing meducation but never gave up. I began college as a non-traditional student at the age of 24. Before I started college, however, I left an unfulfilling five-year career in real estate because I was searching for a deeper purpose in life. Studying History with an emphasis in education guided me to find that purpose. I had to work full time for most of my community college experience while learning how to balance class work, activism, and my personal life. To achieve this balance required focus, dedication, and sacrifice. Although my journey has been challenging, my drive and belief that education is one of the most significant accomplishments one can make, but also one of the most significant social equalizer, has pushed me to prepare myself to study pedagogy. To prepare for success at my upper-division classes, I joined a transfer preparation programs called CCCP at UCLA, the Honors Program, and also took advantage of research opportunities. Joining these programs motivated my passion for educational access and opportunity which led to my involvement in student-led activism for lowering the cost of education and becoming the Student body President at East Los Angeles College to advocate for students. My experience in advocacy in higher education inspires me to work toward a Ph.D. in Education and pursue a career as a professor and researcher to help improve p

James from California
College Junior