Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

Growing up I wanted to find a career that I knew I could give back to others, and make an impact in my community. All the way up until about my junior year in high school, I was dead set and stone on becoming a police officer to help others and serve and protect my community. Before my junior year though, I had an experience that has forever changed my life. My best friend's brother has autism, and those with autism suffer from anxiety attacks often. His little brother once had an anxiety attack when I was over at his house, and I was the only one that had the patience and determination to get him calmed down. I thought to myself that I could teach in special education one day because I have the qualities that would fit the career. I went home that night and asked God to give me a sign that teaching special education was my calling. That next week, I went to my friend's house again and was greeted at the door by a socially awkward 9 year old boy with autism who hugged me. I knew right then and there, that was what my calling was. Ever since then, I have partnered with Special Olympics in my school, as well as schools around me. Currently I am a student teacher at an elementary school in my town through the career center my school offers. At my high school, I have worked along side the Special Education teacher inside the classroom to experience it first-hand. These experiences have just rectified the thought of me becoming a teacher. I have always loved kids, and having the opportunity to see growth in all of my future students and being able to make an impact on their lives not only in the classroom, but out of the classroom as well. I have had countless teachers make that impact on myself and I would like to carry that one to my students one day.

Trey from Indiana
High School Senior
Greencastle High School