Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I remember being in art class when I met the reason why I want to be a teacher. Her name was Yuna Jang. She had just transferred to my school from South Korea and spoke very little English. I remember that she sat across from me because I had asked the teacher to let her. I had earlier that day, which I think was fate, downloaded a translator app on my phone and with this tool, I knew I could help Yuna feel like she belonged. I got to my next class and she happened to be in that as well. She sat next to me and I helped her understand what the teacher was saying. From there on out, I bought English learning tools, such as flash cards, to help her learn the language a little bit better.
At the time, the school had little ability to help foreign language students and due to this, she struggled greatly. My goal in life is to never let kids like her go through what she had to and still has to go through and that is why I want to be a teacher. More specifically, an English teacher.

Annalise from Tennessee
High School Senior
Mount Juliet High School