Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. I have worked at a daycare for about three years now. I started as an intern, and then acquired a full time position during the summer and a part-time job everyday after school. Most of what I have learned about children has originated from my experience and commitment to my job. I wouldn’t consider my job as a clock in and out type of job, it’s a take-home practice as well. There has been countless times where I have created something for my classroom that takes hours at home, planning for each week of the entire summer camp, and most importantly; contacting parents about their child. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to prepare me for that the duty of an educator means.
I’m currently a first-year student at Keene State College where I double major in Elementary Education and sociology and minor in psychology. Currently, my focus is on teaching second or third grade. Certainly my goals are specific, however, there is no limit to my determination and passion for teaching. One of my strengths is that I care for children immensely. My caring character may also be noticed and a weakness because I let that overpower many things. When a situation would happen with one of my students at work, I would constantly worry and check in with them. When my kids would get off the bus at the daycare each day I would say, “Hey guys! Love you!” I want my children to know each and everyday that someone care about them. I can’t control what goes on at home, but I can control what happens inside of my classroom; each child knows they are loved.

Jaime from Connecticut
College Freshman
Keene State College