Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

Teachers are parents away from home. Some synonyms for parenting are: to bring up, to look after, to raise, and to nurture. Exceptional teachers provide advice, clean up after students, and even feed their class from time to time. Teachers laugh with you, get excited with you, and give you “the look,” when you're not making wise decisions. Teachers spend incredible amounts of money and time to provide their students with quality materials and lessons.
When I was seven years old, my dad suddenly passed away. After this tragic event, my family moved states to start over. At my new school, my principal and teachers refused to let me fall behind, and gave me all the resources I needed to be successful in school. Because I was so young, I did not notice my selfless teachers at the time, but this support did not stop as I continued my educational career.  
Middle school is when it really started to sink in: my dad was not coming back. This truly broke my heart, but my teachers slowly mended it back together. The relationships I had with my teachers in middle school lowered my anxiety, helped me fight against depression, and could be a significant contributor to the reason why I am still here today.
My teachers filled a place in my heart that needed another parent. My teachers gave me advice and stood up for me when boys were ridiculing. My teachers cheered me on when I was doing well, and hugged me when I was hurting. My teachers told me when I needed to grow up, and reminded me to slow down and enjoy being a kid. In high school, I created even more relationships with my teachers and coaches. They continued to be my second parent, as they helped me look for colleges and gave me practice interview questions.  When I was at school I felt surrounded by family; people I could confidently count on.
I am forever grateful for my extra parents. They are, too many to name, the reason I will be a teacher. The reason I will bring up, look after, raise, and nurture students of my own

Sarah from Missouri
College Junior
Lindenwood University