Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I had started to mahor in my field of Art after I graduated from high school in 1975 Art&Design High School in Manhattan,NY. I was going to college on the weekend at first and during high school with my mother at Hunter College where she was majoring in Business Adminsitration and her vArt History class was on Saturday at the new building they had at East 68th Street & Lexington Avenue NY,NY.
I wound up graduating with high honors at Carnige Hall June 1975, and went to City College but I wanted to go to Hunter College but it was to late to change my placement of colleges by the time I received my answer. Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts were also colleges I tried out for then, but my S.A.T. scores were not high enough for me to attend there then, in the 500 score level and they required 800 score level or higher.I did not apply for The School of Visual Arts then which later, I found out accepted 500 level scores but transferred to the school in 1982 from the College of Staten Island for extra Art Education credits that the College of Staten Island did not have:and received 18 undergraduate credits and then went back to the College of Staten Island as a Junior and then Senior student without them accepting my credits from SVA.I was on a 15 credit program at SVA art Education but could not aafford to stay there any longer, that is why I transferred back to the College of Staten Island and received my Bachelors in Fine Art in 1984.Then I went on to Graduate School in Westchester,NY College of New Rochelle Graduate Art School in 1984 to 1985 when I received my Master of Science degree in Art. I went back again in 1986 to get 6 more student Education credits for teaching where i found my old high school of Art&Design in Manhattan,NY to do my Student Teaching for 300 hours with Mrs.Gould my commercial Art Mentor for the 9,10 and 11th grade.My other 300 hours of Student teaching was done At P.S.117 East 30th Street NYNY in 1982 video teaching .

Dr.Theresa from New York
College Junior
CNR,CSI,SVA,Cambell University,Belford University